The Destination

As we design, create and infuse your love story into your personalised wedding day, it’s important to find the perfect setting, atmosphere and character to support your vision and portray your journey together so far.

At Complete the Look we pride ourselves on finding the perfect blank canvas property that provides you with the space to create a unique and unforgettable moment in time with memories that will last a lifetime.

Finding exclusive blank canvas venues from around the world is a part of our Director/Founder Michelle’s passion and dedication. Complete the Look focuses on searching for private locations that exude atmosphere through the properties history, character and individual love story.

From Australia across the seas to New Zealand and continuing around the globe the perfect exclusive blank canvas destination is just a phone call away.  Our unique destination properties provide you with exclusive access to exquisite surroundings, exotic influences, amazing local activities and adventures, world class industry professionals, and mouth-watering produce.

Each destination has our amazing A-Team of dedicated professionals that work seamlessly with us to collaborate, interpret and transform your dream into a reality by adding a little imagination. 

Your Journey Begins Today