The Experience

Every love story has a beginning and a middle, with the ending yet to be written.  At Complete the Look, we join you on your journey to collaborate, on one of the most important and memorable days in your unique love story so far.

You are guaranteed that we are dedicated to helping convey your love story exclusively.  No other weddings or events are held during your unique wedding experience.

We start our collaboration by dedicating time to building a relationship of trust and knowledge together.  This relationship is built across several avenues which are customised based on your responses to our initial questionnaire.  Each customised experience is designed and implemented by Complete the Look’s Director and Founder – Michelle Anderson.

Throughout our collaboration with you, it is Michelle’s passion to provide you both with every opportunity to relax, spend dedicated one on one time together and time with loved ones.  This collaboration enables you to remain focused on each other, your careers and your loved ones, whilst remaining stress free.  Every detail of your amazing dream wedding day is being taken care of!!

Together we continue our journey by designing every aspect of your unique wedding through describing how your wedding will entice the five senses.  This creative process provides the foundation work for Michelle’s amazing team of industry professionals to interpret, create and deliver your dream wedding day with confidence, precision and personalised flair. 

We explore our stunning local and international exclusive blank canvas properties and locate the perfect match to infuse character, atmosphere and individuality to your design and love story.

Michelle and her dedicated team then commence the next step of the wedding design process by articulating the client’s vision, your vision, to the destination-based signature team of industry professionals.  Professionals such as caterers, photographers and florists, just to name a few, who provide exclusive boutique services customised and individualised to meet the unique requirements of your wedding. Each of these critical elements combine to seamlessly portray your vision through the 5 senses. 

Once the overall structure of each of these unique elements has been finalised, Michelle likes to set aside one to two exclusive days to secure the final approvals with you by scheduling and executing a range of trials, tastings and so much more.  This exclusive process occurs onsite at your chosen destination and allows Michelle, her team and you, the clients, to refine all the elements and secure every detail together before Complete the Look and its amazing team start making your dream wedding a reality with “a little imagination!”

(Please note that collaboration continues with the industry professionals to determine explicit details and requirements, arrange quotes and negotiate pricing until final client approvals have been confirmed.)

Michelle’s vision and creative professionalism has enabled the Complete the Look team to encompass every avenue of the event from: guest transportation to the destination, secure accommodation to meet each attendee’s needs and every event leading up to your unique wedding day.  This is including however not limited to; bridal shower, hens and bucks celebrations, wedding rehearsals, the wedding day set up, on the day directing including being on site until the last guest has departed, all aspects of the pack down, your honeymoon and return trips home for all attendees from any destination around the world.

Your exclusive, personalised and unique Wedding experience starts today

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