Our Vision

Complete the Look’s vision, is to nurture and generate lifelong family memories, invoked by the wonders of nature through the creation of unique, inspired events sparked by our human senses, on the international stage.   . 

Complete the Look

Complete the Look is a boutique wedding and event directing business that is owned and operated by our founder Michelle Anderson. Our focus is on nature and the ambiance and peace this brings to making each event breathtaking.  Even though weddings are one of the major events our team is dedicated to, Complete the Look is committed to holistically directing events that create a couple’s lifelong memories across their many milestones.  Our passion is incorporating the 5 human senses into every event to ensure that our client’s and their guests create lifelong memories that are joyfully triggered by sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. 

Our desire is to collaborate with our clients to create unique personalised events with our world class team of creative event professionals.  This way our team ensures that every step of the process from start to finish is relaxing and stress free.

Complete the Look’s unique client experience, enables our team to successfully support families, who have high demanding professional positions.  Our team collaborates with our families to create their celebratory memories across their life’s journey.  We pride ourselves on offering a holistic and exclusive Wedding and Event experience to ensure that we are there from the very beginning and until every guest arrives home safely.  Our intuitive customer care and nurturing nature add a unique element to the services on offer and ensures that our collaborations are breathtaking and successful.

Complete the Look uses a “little imagination”, to produce breathtaking, family focused, personalised events by incorporating all areas of the design, planning, styling and directing processes.  We ensure that our focus is on our signature intuitive customer experience.

Our Mission

Complete the Look nurtures unforgettable and exceptional celebrations through nature - one couple, one dream, one event and one international destination at a time.

Our Director

Our Director and Founder Michelle Anderson is the mind, body and soul behind the brand, the passion, the business and the unique client experience that Complete the Look offers for each and every personalised event.

Michelle’s passion, creativity, drive and dream has enabled her to create events that are filled with personalised touches that exude her clients unique personalities and one-off love stories.  Michelle’s out of the box approach to customer care and exclusive services create amazing memorable milestones in each client’s life journey so far. 

Michelle’s 13 years’ experience in the event industry has led her down an exciting path of learning and growth.  Michelle has developed skills across a wide range of areas which has enabled her to create exclusive experiences for each of her unique clients.  Michelle has qualifications in hospitality, financial planning, interior design, business administration, beauty, floristry, and Wedding & Event Planning, Design and Styling.  Michelle prides herself on creating breathtaking events with flair, passion, dedication and professionalism.

Every element of Michelle’s growth has strengthened her knowledge, expertise, understanding and ability to incorporate personalised elements into each exclusive design.  This knowledge also allows Michelle to communicate, negotiate and describe each element of the design to her amazing team of professional event creatives. 

Michelle’s approach to building an amazing, professional, creative and dedicated team in any destination around the world is based on building a solid foundation and relationship of experience.  Every team member has worked with Michelle in a high pace event environment and exudes the same professionalism, passion, drive, creativity and above all client experience that Michelle believes is imperative for her intuitive customer care and nurturing nature. This ensures that each event is successful and memorable. 

Michelle has had the most amazing experiences because of her personalised and customer focused approach to each event; from travelling around the world to amazing locations like Paris, America, New Zealand and throughout Australia; to being honoured this year with being invited and included on the International Advisory Board for Wedding and Event Professionals.

Michelle is a mum to two beautiful boys who drive her passion for learning and adding “a little imagination” into every aspect of their life.  Michelle believes that by nurturing unforgettable and exceptional celebrations through nature that together with her clients, she can collaborate and create life long memories that are joyfully triggered by our 5 senses -  smell, sight, sound, touch and taste. 

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